ENGLAND’S MEN ARE THE CHAMPIONS – huge emotions on the final day



First on is Chris Simpson for England, he takes on France’s Lucas Serme

It’s a full house here at the Kahuna Club, you can feel the excitement, we are off!

Some long exchanges early on as both player feel their way into this match, it is Simpson having the better of it though as he creates a 5-0 lead.

WOW! I think the rallies are getting even longer…they were already brutal!

Simpson is finding his length beautifully right now, Serme with a late flurry of points but England are in control early on, Simpson takes it 11/4

England lead 1-0 courtesy of Simpson’s emphatic win 11/4 11/1 11/3

Gaulter in control of the second rubber, he leads Willstrop 11/7 11/7

Willstrop manages to take the third 11/4 before Gregory roars back taking the win with 11/1 in the fourth, it’s one a piece, much more squash to come!

Next on, Geoffrey Demont looking to build on the Generals work, can England’s Tom Richards put England back into the lead?

Richards looking good and winning match 3-0 11/8 11/6 11/2

Tomasz Banasiak, President of Polish Squash Federation

The organisation of the Tournament in Warsaw went beyond our expectations because of huge interest. Every day each match was watched by crowds of fans. We witnessed squash on the European level. On the courts you could see top players of European ranks. I would say that the sport level of the Championship was the highest ever when it comes to such events in Poland. When I say that I mean a little disappointment because Polish team played under my expectations. But I am convinced that they did their best. The feeling I had about their games is that their style of playing was not determined by the sport result but by the fact they represented Poland at a great international event. I would like these feelings to stay with us for ever. The representatives of European Squash Federation and many other people I talked to expressed their high opinions with me on the level of organising such a Tournament. I would like to thank the Championship organising committee represented by the Kahuna leaders for superb organisation of the Tournament.

Sławomir Nowisz, Kahuna manager

It was a hard job, but I am glad that it gave good results, which will positively influence the expansion of squash in Poland as well as our club. Our team felt that we are doing something important, that we are developing and that we have high aspirations. I am highly satisfied to hear praise both from players and federation representatives. I wish there were more of such events both in Poland and our club. Now we know that we can host the best players.

Tomas Hrazsky, Director of European Team Championship in Squash

It was the first such a high rank event in Poland. The best European teams came, each match was good, each one exceeded the level we can see on an everyday basis on Polish courts. The organisation was flawless and guests had high opinions of the food served. The level of umpires was very good which resulted in very few problems at the Tournament. According to school standards I give it A +.

From a sport point of view Scotland  was a kind of surprise – they fought superbly thus for the first time long they stood on the podium. Germany are leaving dissatisfied but were close to the third place.