KAHUNA Squash & Badminton

European Squash Team Championships will take place on 4-7 May in Warsaw, at KAHUNA Squash & Badminton Club.


KAHUNA is one of the most professional racket sport clubs in Poland. Since 2003 the club has been active in the rapidly growing Polish squash community, adding badminton and table tennis in 2010.

KAHUNA is over 2000 sq meter of space including 8 squash courts, 3 badminton courts, 2 table tennis tables and two rooms for individual coaching sessions.

KAHUNA is also the location for Polish National Squash Team and Polish National Badminton Team regular workouts.

KAHUNA (k&-’hü-n&) is a Hawaiian word meaning both a mystery keeper and a person with secret knowledge, powers or skills unavailable to others. The Hawaiian Kahunas were shamans, priests and healers, developing their skills organically, witnessing, replicating and refining patterns sourced from their elders. Mature Kahunas taught the art of harmonious life and celebrating the here-and-now.

The club aims to act as KAHUNA to all fans of sports that can be practiced here.